Dan Jett

I bought my first gym 22 years ago and have owned 3 large ones for 12 years, think I would have tons of money and happiness? Nope, always just got by. I sold all my clubs and opened a boxing studio, went back to my roots. I made it into a 6 figure club pretty … Continued

Danielle D

Your PT Business Course is amazing! I’ve recently started listen to your Sales CD, every morning before I go to work. I ordered it a while ago, but I will admit the book and CD was collecting dust. Now that I’m working in a corporate facility, some of your techniques I cannot use, but I … Continued

Mike Gelfgot

Hey Bedros! How are you? This is Mike from Anytime Fitness IN. We did some sales training in California at the Business Summit. By the way, I highly appreciate that. I wanted to shoot you an email to let you know that over the last 22 intros I’ve taken, I was able to close 20 … Continued

Nick Holtzman

I just want to thank you Bedros for the phenomenal advice and help you have given me. I am 100% confident that my dreams of becoming a SIX-FIGURE INCOME FITNESS PROFESSIONAL will become a reality thanks to the plan found in your PT business course. I encourage ALL fitness professionals to not only invest in … Continued

Andrew Stearns

Just to give you another update – only three weeks into January and I’ve already increased my yearly income by $99,528 and I have another consultation set for tomorrow. That personal training income is made by only working 14 hours/week. Let say that I close my potential client tomorrow, that would be $114,452 of additional … Continued