Dan Jett

I bought my first gym 22 years ago and have owned 3 large ones for 12 years, think I would have tons of money and happiness? Nope, always just got by. I sold all my clubs and opened a boxing studio, went back to my roots. I made it into a 6 figure club pretty quick, but still never saw the light at the end of the tunnel. I was working like a dog booked from 530am-1230pm then back at 330pm-830pm, most days of the week. Then I clicked on what I now know as Bedros’s facebook domination and checked out his stuff. Blew my mind after 22 years in the business I thought I knew everything, boy was I wrong. I first got his system 9 product and increased the revenue my club makes by 50k per year in just 3 days!! Yes in 3 fricken days!! I have now gotten the marketing down to have a huge flow of new clients, but wanted to learn from the best how to sell them.

I bought The Art of Selling Fitness PT Business Course and am again blown away. Bedros breaks everything down into a simple step by step process of closing new clients. Ive picked up new ideas im getting to launch, one that will make me tons of money and create more freedom in my life is the quikfit program. I’ve heard that Bedros’s programs and coaching has made many 7 figure gyms, I swear I will be one of them.