Andrew Stearns

Just to give you another update – only three weeks into January and I’ve already increased my yearly income by $99,528 and I have another consultation set for tomorrow. That personal training income is made by only working 14 hours/week. Let say that I close my potential client tomorrow, that would be $114,452 of additional guaranteed 09′ income from one 2012-piece direct mailing, which cost me around $1,545 in total. I remember reading 100,000 Dollar Sales Letter books and saying to myself, “How can that be true?” Now I know!

There’s not that many people I know, right now, working in an industry who can decide to give themselves a $100k raise within three weeks and go to work each day wearing running pants, sneakers, continue to be themselves, and truly love what it is they do for a living. In fact the only other people who can do that are a couple of my clients (minus the running pants and sneakers) and the industry insiders you have introduced me to. The funny thing is that

I am actually holding myself back (financially) by earning 230k+ this year because you have showed me that it’s just the tip of financial fitness iceberg, and that there are so many more people to help and potential clients to reach through a number of means. I can’t wait for the next twelve months to unfold!