Danielle D

Your PT Business Course is amazing! I’ve recently started listen to your Sales CD, every morning before I go to work. I ordered it a while ago, but I will admit the book and CD was collecting dust. Now that I’m working in a corporate facility, some of your techniques I cannot use, but I get pretty damn close.

I think the PT Business Course is a must, especially for the novice personal trainer. I’ve been able to leave a lasting impression on my clients because I think outside the box by delivering red carpet customer service, offering gift cards, providing value-added consultations by educating members through ‘test drive’ workouts, personalized text messages and calls to clients, creating the feeling of exclusivity with my group clients, providing informative email marketing content.

I could go on and on. I’ve been at this facility for about a month, I don’t know my closing ratio yet, but I do know I’m more excited (less intimidated) about the opportunity to set, sell and show.