Brian Waldo

I have been using many of your recommendations from the “Art of Selling Fitness” over the last year. I believe it is has begun to set me apart from many training programs in our area. The business package gave back ten times or possibly more what I invested in the program last year. Just having … Continued

Terry Joel

Do you already know exactly what to say when approaching a person in order to spark their interest toward training with you? Do you already know how many marketing plans that bring new clients are low or no cost? Do you already know what elements help bring action from your postcards instead of trashing? Do … Continued

Nathaniel Dilworth

Just wanted to say that PT Business Course has definatly changed the way I do business and thus my income. Before pt business course, I was always struggling to have long term deals and now all I sign is long term Fitness Plans. Thank You Bedros for giving me security in my Business and introducing … Continued

Noel Lyons

Moving from a Club Environment to a Freelance Personal Trainer, I had to learn FAST how to go about marketing myself as THE Premier Trainer in my area. The PT Business Course was perfect in giving me the confidence to know I was following a tried and tested formula as I knew I could overdeliver … Continued

Stacey Cutler

I opened my personal training studio in November of 07. In November of my second year open, I starting receiving tons of emails from you. Honestly, I just hit DELETE. Not because I wasn’t interested, but because I was so worried about money, constantly worrying if I could even pay my bills. About a year … Continued

Scott Hunt

Bedros, I spent years at University studying business and fitness marketting and your PT business course covers it all and more in next to no time. Even if you’re already good at PT business, this is a great way to keep you pushing towards the next level, and a 7 figure income……..not 6!

Priscilla McCall

Wow what a awesome book you put together. The Art of Selling Fitness has opened up my eyes to things that I would have not thought of on my own. The welcome letter that you put in is great I started using that to make my new clients feel more welcome then they did when … Continued

Samantha Taylor

The product I got that started to save my personal training business from going under was Bedros’ PT Business Course. I had my own studio but really had no idea what I was doing. I left the big box gym because I was sick of the corporate gym but had no idea how to run … Continued

Nicholas Holtzman

The PT Business Course is the single greatest tool that has helped me achieve success in my personal training business. Since owning the PT Business Course I now oversee 9 different trainers at 7 different clubs, and I make the PT Business Course required reading for all new trainers!

Luis Calles

I haven’t done with all the material ( The Art Of Selling fitness) but so far i been making a lot of progress as far as sales, I am a Personal trainer One on One and I notice that my fitness assessments or presentations are way better than before also I’m getting more referrals from … Continued