Stacey Cutler

I opened my personal training studio in November of 07. In November of my second year open, I starting receiving tons of emails from you. Honestly, I just hit DELETE. Not because I wasn’t interested, but because I was so worried about money, constantly worrying if I could even pay my bills. About a year ago, I was sitting at my desk and was at the checkout of purchasing the PT business course and chickened out again. The next email I received from you was a deal, if i bought the PT business course you would send me other things free. I went straight to checkout, hit submit and the rest is history.

When I received the course I immediately took action and changed many things at the studio. I changed my initial consultation following your steps and went from a 80% close of a sale to 100% closer. I went from packages of services to billing monthly through EFT and this has been LIFE CHANGING. I purchased services of and it has truly changed my life and saved my business. I must thank you for having that suggestion in the manual or my business would have closed last year! I went from April of 09′ sales of $6,000 to April of 10′ doing $12,000. I know longer have to worry or guess how much money will be coming in each month. I am now able to focus more on the business while my staff trains the clients. I went from 2 trainers last year including myself to 7 trainers and 4 group ex trainers. Its been amazing. We purchased your newsletter and the magazine also and are so happy with the compliments and all the referrals we have received from them. We are still learning and working on our marketing and I look forward to the next PT course!