Terry Joel

Do you already know exactly what to say when approaching a person in order to spark their interest toward training with you?
Do you already know how many marketing plans that bring new clients are low or no cost?

Do you already know what elements help bring action from your postcards instead of trashing?

Do you already close 9 out of 10 potential clients?

Hi I’m Coach Terry and I still train clients and really like knowing that I will always be empowered to replace any clients who move away or bring in as many new ones as needed.

The most comprehensive Personal Trainer blue print to success that I use is Bedros Keuilian’s PT Business Course.
He not only teaches you how to approach new business but actually gives you the exact “what to say when” that leaves many of us trainers tongue tied.

Want to know exactly what to say in order to have a new paying client instead of “let me talk it over with my husband”.
Besides giving me the ability and therefore confidence that leads to as many clients as you can handle, the PT Business course provides all the health history, client agreement, and ready to launch marketing files.

So as a smart trainer, do yourself a favor and copy from the guys who know more than you. Pick up a copy of PT Business Course and achieve any financial goal that you desire and are willing to work for.