Brett Ray

I truly don’t remember how I found Bedros Keuilian online although I am very happy that I did. After reading his compelling offers I decided to invest in his PT Business Course. At that time, I had just opened up my 1000’ personal training studio that I built onto my house back in 2006. As … Continued

Tim Diegan

Bedros I have no hesitation in writing a testimonial for your PT Business Course. This course literally enhanced my skills in so many ways. From marketing campaigns, e-marketing, persuasive selling, to clinching 9/10 clients on our gold standard package. The chapters on selling were most beneficial, so much so I am using much of the … Continued

JJ Brawley

The PT Business Course is a MUST for any trainer and should be considered as the BIBLE to being in the fitness business! No other material out there exists like this and if you are serious about a career in the fitness industry then this is a no brainer and I advise you to pick … Continued

Jesse Davis

When I purchased your Personal Trainer Business Course my business was going nowhere and I was working weekends selling furniture. I’d completed several training programs and certifications that claimed to teach sales and marketing but they were all a waste of time and did nothing to increase my business. Within 60 days of completing your … Continued

Nathan Hager

Bedros you are THE MAN!!. Your PT Business course is amazing. Its packed with step by step information that has turned my business into a lean machine. The bonus materials alone make this a no brainer at twice the price. When I combined these strategy’s with the Close 9 out of 10 Clients…..its like fishing … Continued

Amir Siddiqui

Here’s why I recommend Bedros : He does NOT mess with your training philosophy. And that is the most precious asset to a fitness pro. We all have our own way of training our clients and most other gurus will ask you to contort your training style to fit a business model. Not Bedros. He … Continued

Tim Leposa

I have found that the material included in the book to be of a great resource for accessing innovative and compelling marketing tools! Those tools have allowed me to get back on track with my personal training business to the point where I’m on pace to doubling my revenue this year. The DVD’s and CD’s, … Continued

Nate Johnson

The PT Business Course is by far the best product I have used as a trainer. I appreciate the time and effort you have put into producing such an amazing product. It has helped me get more referrals, close more clients, and better retain my current clients. Although I am just starting out as a … Continued

Tim Leposa

I was able to fill up a whole boot camp using just one of Bedros’s marketing ideas, and it did’nt cost me anything! This PT course is Awesome!

Chad Smith

PT Business Course helped me make my business more consistent by teaching me a systemized way of marketing and selling. In turn, I have been able to teach this system to my trainers, which increased their confidence and productivity.