Tim Diegan

Bedros I have no hesitation in writing a testimonial for your PT Business Course. This course literally enhanced my skills in so many ways.

From marketing campaigns, e-marketing, persuasive selling, to clinching 9/10 clients on our gold standard package. The chapters on selling were most beneficial, so much so I am using much of the knowledge gained from this course myself, in coaching new trainers on how to sell and enhance their closing ratio.

The forms I have used for my business set mine apart from the competition, the professionalism and emotive responses from the client are second to none. i was spending $500 per month on PT business coaching, yet found the PTBusinessCourse to be a much better investment. The textbook and that one CD with PT business forms alone is well worth the fee you pay for the course, let alone all the other extras.

Thank you so much Bedros, I do hope you come to Australia one day and share your wisdom.