Exclusively for personal trainers, boot camps and gym owners who need more clients, more profits, and better business systems.

How to Get All the Personal Training
& Boot Camp Clients You Can Handle
Without Losing Your Hard Earned Money
On Dead End Advertising!

Imagine waking up to an email inbox full of new leads and prospects who want to train with you.

Imagine having reliable systems to run your fitness business so that you never have to stress out about where your next client is going to come from.

And imagine having a business that’s fun to run, highly profitable and known around town as THE place to go for the best fitness training.

You’re a great trainer. Your clients love you and they get amazing results…

…but you need more clients, better marketing, and more profits so that you don’t have to feel like you’re running around just to make ends meet.

If you allow me, I’ll show you how to fix your fitness business, dial in your client attraction funnels and teach you how to structure your business so that it’s competition proof and massively profitable.

PLUS I’ll show you how to systemize your entire fitness business and turn it into a near automatic profit-generating machine so that you can spend more of your time helping your clients and enjoying the rewards of running a profitable gym or boot camp.



This 61 second video does a pretty good job explaining how I can help you add another $100K a year (or more)
to your personal training or boot camp business.

See, I’ve Shown Two of America’s Largest Personal Training Facilities How to Grow their Profits to Combined Revenues Exceeding $50 Million Dollars a Year.

I’ve Helped Thousands of Individual Trainers Build 6-Figure PLUS Businesses, and Taken Dozens Beyond the 7-Figures a year mark…

In Other Words, Helping Fitness Professionals Like You Market and Sell Personal Training, Group Training and Boot Camp Programs is What I do— it’s My Life’s Calling.

And Now, YOU Have the Chance to get all of my “in-the-trenches-proven” Detailed Business Building and Client Getting Blueprints So That You Can Build a Massively Profitable Fitness Business!

From Bedros Keuilian

Dear Success-Minded Fitness Professional,

My name is Bedros Keuilian and I’m the personal trainer that generated millions of dollars by personally selling over 25,000 personal training sessions a year– for 5 straight years!

You probably won’t believe this (So I included the proof down below), but one time I sold exactly $89,705 in personal training programs in just 43 days– breaking every stereotype that trainers can’t earn high six figures… and here’s legitimate proof:

Click Here for Closer Look

Sure that was impressive…

A few years back I was on a mission to build and grow my own massively successful fitness training gyms. And in just a few years I accomplished my goal!

But today I’m on a completely different mission— I’m on the prowl for you.

You’re the fitness professional who is more than ready to learn better strategies and techniques for attracting, selling, and retaining paying clients even while on a tiny budget.

Competition is heavier than ever and that means you’ve got to figure out how to out-market, out-sell, and out-earn your competitors or face going broke.

Here, answer these two questions and I think you’ll see what I mean:

Haven’t you ever looked up at the multi 6-figure producing fitness experts and wished you had their PROVEN and RELIABLE marketing, sales, and business secrets?

Yes? OK, so how would you like to generate as many clients as you need to fill up your schedule just by applying the right strategies and tactics within your business?

For example…

I can show you how to turn Facebook into a client getting funnel that generates consistent and reliable leads and prospects into you fitness business.

I can also show you how to quickly build a sizable email marketing list of local prospects so that you can always have “clients on tap” whenever you need them.

So what are these Multi-Million Dollar Training Business Secrets that I keep going on about?

I’ve spent years studying and collecting secrets from some the highest producing and most profitable companies, as well as hugely successful sales and marketing experts.

I applied these secrets to my business and I was blown away by the success that I had…

…then I shared them with my coaching and consulting clients and just like me, they turned their struggling businesses into really profitable gyms and boot camps.

Like I said, for a while I was simply applying those secrets to my personal training business model– that’s how my income soared ahead of my competition and it’s how I’ve build my international franchise Fit Body Boot Camp – with hundreds of locations worldwide.

But you don’t care about that, right?

My business isn’t important because it’s you and your business that we need to talk about. Your business is struggling just to break even and stay afloat.

Or maybe you’re making money, but not enough to live the lifestyle you want– or maybe you’re just burned out from being overworked and need a way to get your business systemized so you can have time off and still make a good living.

I’m coming to you with a giving hand— all I want is for you to understand these secretes so you can stop struggling with a failing business that’s getting eaten up by competition and start building a business with reliable income that supports the lifestyle you want.

Now, since working as a fitness business consultant I have helped thousands of individual trainers and large facilities alike attain reliable, predictable profits.

It’s also important for you to know that I’m not just someone selling you fitness business information. Like you, I’m a fitness pro. I’ve owned personal training businesses, built them up, and sold them for a massive profit.

I’m now the CEO and founder of Fit Body Boot Camp franchise. But I’m also a location owner – so just like you I’m in the trenches.

The reason I’m sharing this with you is because it’s important for you to know that I don’t just preach this “marketing and business” stuff, I also practice it EVERY DAY.


But don’t take my word for it

Here, Scroll Down a Bit and Check Out what these Actual Personal Trainers Have to Say About my PT Business Course

Brett Ray
I truly don’t remember how I found Bedros Keuilian online although I am very happy that I did. After reading his compelling offers I decided to invest in his PT Business Course. At that time, I had just opened up my 1000’ personal training studio that I built onto my house back in 2006. As I started reading the first few pages of the PT Business course, I immediately connected with Bedros, as he had a listed the books and audio programs authored by the top self help/business guru’s that inspired and motivated him to action. This information presented in the PT Business course gave me a straight forward plan of how I could structure my personal training business for higher profits. Seven steps of the sales process, the 70/30 listening to the client vs talking. Bedros got me to switch to the 30 minute training session…. And in the old days I sold block of training sessions and at the end of the month I had to resale the client again. Bedros showed me how to sale one time and focus over delivering results. My closing rate went to nearly 100%…all I had to do was get them in the door in front of me. He taught me an easy way to set my new clients up on a 12-month EFT sale. That changed my business completely. I now had predictable income. I have to say the small invest I made for the PT Business course paid my me back a 100 times over the past few years… Thank you Bedros…
Tim Diegan

Bedros I have no hesitation in writing a testimonial for your PT Business Course. This course literally enhanced my skills in so many ways.

From marketing campaigns, e-marketing, persuasive selling, to clinching 9/10 clients on our gold standard package. The chapters on selling were most beneficial, so much so I am using much of the knowledge gained from this course myself, in coaching new trainers on how to sell and enhance their closing ratio.

The forms I have used for my business set mine apart from the competition, the professionalism and emotive responses from the client are second to none. i was spending $500 per month on PT business coaching, yet found the PTBusinessCourse to be a much better investment. The textbook and that one CD with PT business forms alone is well worth the fee you pay for the course, let alone all the other extras.

Thank you so much Bedros, I do hope you come to Australia one day and share your wisdom.

JJ Brawley

The PT Business Course is a MUST for any trainer and should be considered as the BIBLE to being in the fitness business! No other material out there exists like this and if you are serious about a career in the fitness industry then this is a no brainer and I advise you to pick this up and study it cover to cover until you have it memorized. You simply will not find anything comparable.

The tips in this manual have helped me be successful in my business and it can help you too!

Jesse Davis

When I purchased your Personal Trainer Business Course my business was going nowhere and I was working weekends selling furniture. I’d completed several training programs and certifications that claimed to teach sales and marketing but they were all a waste of time and did nothing to increase my business. Within 60 days of completing your course i had gone from training 10 hours per week at most to training, 40 hours per week, while charging 40% more for my services. I’m now looking for a location for a boot camp because, thanks to your Personal Trainer Business course, The Close More Clients DVD, Fitpro Newsletter and FitPro Magazine I have more clients than time to train them.

Thank you for producing this program, It’s literally changed my life and I’m just getting started. If I hadn’t found it, I doubt I would still be in this industry.

Nathan Hager

Bedros you are THE MAN!!. Your PT Business course is amazing. Its packed with step by step information that has turned my business into a lean machine. The bonus materials alone make this a no brainer at twice the price. When I combined these strategy’s with the Close 9 out of 10 Clients…..its like fishing with DYNAMITE !!!

Amir Siddiqui

Here’s why I recommend Bedros : He does NOT mess with your training philosophy. And that is the most precious asset to a fitness pro. We all have our own way of training our clients and most other gurus will ask you to contort your training style to fit a business model. Not Bedros. He forces you to fit his business model to YOUR training style.

Besides that? He took me from around 70 to over 120 clients in just 3 odd months. And in Pakistan doing that at the rate of 229 dollars per month for half hour semi-private sessions is just about impossible. The country I live in is considered the most dangerous in the WORLD – according to Newsweek – and Bedros was able to guide me on how to work his system even in the chaos.

Imagine what he can do for you.

Tim Leposa

I have found that the material included in the book to be of a great resource for accessing innovative and compelling marketing tools! Those tools have allowed me to get back on track with my personal training business to the point where I’m on pace to doubling my revenue this year. The DVD’s and CD’s, along with the support of Bedros and his staff have been phenomenal, as well!

Nate Johnson

The PT Business Course is by far the best product I have used as a trainer. I appreciate the time and effort you have put into producing such an amazing product. It has helped me get more referrals, close more clients, and better retain my current clients. Although I am just starting out as a Personal Trainer,

I already have more clients than my co-workers who are seasoned veterans! What I like most about the course is all of the helpful extras it has! I will go through it again and again.

Tim Leposa

I was able to fill up a whole boot camp using just one of Bedros’s marketing ideas, and it did’nt cost me anything!

This PT course is Awesome!

Chad Smith

PT Business Course helped me make my business more consistent by teaching me a systemized way of marketing and selling. In turn, I have been able to teach this system to my trainers, which increased their confidence and productivity.

Brian Waldo

I have been using many of your recommendations from the “Art of Selling Fitness” over the last year. I believe it is has begun to set me apart from many training programs in our area. The business package gave back ten times or possibly more what I invested in the program last year. Just having access to the marketing strategies, the forms, the contacts of businesses that can help my business has been huge in developing my own revenue.

I must say thank you and I appreciate everything you and the people you work with do to better our business skills as Personal Trainers.

Terry Joel

Do you already know exactly what to say when approaching a person in order to spark their interest toward training with you?
Do you already know how many marketing plans that bring new clients are low or no cost?

Do you already know what elements help bring action from your postcards instead of trashing?

Do you already close 9 out of 10 potential clients?

Hi I’m Coach Terry and I still train clients and really like knowing that I will always be empowered to replace any clients who move away or bring in as many new ones as needed.

The most comprehensive Personal Trainer blue print to success that I use is Bedros Keuilian’s PT Business Course.
He not only teaches you how to approach new business but actually gives you the exact “what to say when” that leaves many of us trainers tongue tied.

Want to know exactly what to say in order to have a new paying client instead of “let me talk it over with my husband”.
Besides giving me the ability and therefore confidence that leads to as many clients as you can handle, the PT Business course provides all the health history, client agreement, and ready to launch marketing files.

So as a smart trainer, do yourself a favor and copy from the guys who know more than you. Pick up a copy of PT Business Course and achieve any financial goal that you desire and are willing to work for.

Nathaniel Dilworth

Just wanted to say that PT Business Course has definatly changed the way I do business and thus my income. Before pt business course, I was always struggling to have long term deals and now all I sign is long term Fitness Plans. Thank You Bedros for giving me security in my Business and introducing me to EFT which really changed the game for me as a Fitness Professional.

Noel Lyons

Moving from a Club Environment to a Freelance Personal Trainer, I had to learn FAST how to go about marketing myself as THE Premier Trainer in my area. The PT Business Course was perfect in giving me the confidence to know I was following a tried and tested formula as I knew I could overdeliver when it came to the training side. Don’t ask yourself how much; instead ask yourself how quick you can make this course pay for itself. It works if you work

Stacey Cutler

I opened my personal training studio in November of 07. In November of my second year open, I starting receiving tons of emails from you. Honestly, I just hit DELETE. Not because I wasn’t interested, but because I was so worried about money, constantly worrying if I could even pay my bills. About a year ago, I was sitting at my desk and was at the checkout of purchasing the PT business course and chickened out again. The next email I received from you was a deal, if i bought the PT business course you would send me other things free. I went straight to checkout, hit submit and the rest is history.

When I received the course I immediately took action and changed many things at the studio. I changed my initial consultation following your steps and went from a 80% close of a sale to 100% closer. I went from packages of services to billing monthly through EFT and this has been LIFE CHANGING. I purchased services of shape.net and it has truly changed my life and saved my business. I must thank you for having that suggestion in the manual or my business would have closed last year! I went from April of 09′ sales of $6,000 to April of 10′ doing $12,000. I know longer have to worry or guess how much money will be coming in each month. I am now able to focus more on the business while my staff trains the clients. I went from 2 trainers last year including myself to 7 trainers and 4 group ex trainers. Its been amazing. We purchased your newsletter and the magazine also and are so happy with the compliments and all the referrals we have received from them. We are still learning and working on our marketing and I look forward to the next PT course!


Scott Hunt

Bedros, I spent years at University studying business and fitness marketting and your PT business course covers it all and more in next to no time. Even if you’re already good at PT business, this is a great way to keep you pushing towards the next level, and a 7 figure income……..not 6!

Priscilla McCall

Wow what a awesome book you put together. The Art of Selling Fitness has opened up my eyes to things that I would have not thought of on my own. The welcome letter that you put in is great I started using that to make my new clients feel more welcome then they did when they walked in the door and signed up for my boot camp.

There is so much great stuff in this book that I am recommending it to others that are starting their own fitness business. Looking forward to another version of this book.

Samantha Taylor

The product I got that started to save my personal training business from going under was Bedros’ PT Business Course. I had my own studio but really had no idea what I was doing. I left the big box gym because I was sick of the corporate gym but had no idea how to run a personal training business let alone own my own studio! It was amazing I even had a business and I was paying for that inexperience and lack of knowledge by going into debt every month just to run my business. Even though I loved personal training, my financial situation was so bad I thought about cutting my losses and getting out because I just didn’t know how to stop the bleeding. The bad business decisions I made literally got me into over $100,000 of credit card debt and was getting worse.

I thought about giving up BUT when I found Bedros’ PT Business course online, it gave me hope of a plan of EXACTLY what to do from square one. Before Bedros, I was just flying by the seat of my pants and now in only 20 months I own a thriving personal training studio on track to do one million in sales in 2011 with three trainers working for me and a full time assistant. Now I have completely stepped into the role of strategic planning of my business and as of 6 months ago, I am no longer doing any more personal training. Without his course, that would have NEVER happened or if it did, it would have taken 10 more years to get there instead of 1 1/2 .

Before his course, I went from struggling every month going into debt to paying off $52,000 in credit card debt in 13 months! His PT business course ROCKS, and you are not in your right mind if you are even contemplating not getting it. It will pay for itself over and over. You tell your clients to invest in you for their results, well take your own advice and invest in Bedros’ PT Business Course because that is what it is, a business course. It will teach you the ins and outs of owning a personal training business, things that you were never taught. That is why most trainers don’t make it into a lucrative business because they love training but never learned the blue print of how to run it like a business. Learn from someone that has been there and helped tons of others do it, instead of re-inventing the wheel and WASTING time.

When you get his course and apply it, you will look back at that decision, just like I have, and know it was the turning point for your business getting to the next level. You can do it with HIS help. Bedros is the BOMB and knows his stuff. Seriously, don’t even think about it anymore just order it RIGHT NOW. You will be so blessed!

Nicholas Holtzman

The PT Business Course is the single greatest tool that has helped me achieve success in my personal training business. Since owning the PT Business Course I now oversee 9 different trainers at 7 different clubs, and I make the PT Business Course required reading for all new trainers!

Luis Calles

I haven’t done with all the material ( The Art Of Selling fitness) but so far i been making a lot of progress as far as sales, I am a Personal trainer One on One and I notice that my fitness assessments or presentations are way better than before also I’m getting more referrals from my existing clients, I had other info in my hands on 2010 i think this guy was one of your students and i didn’t see any changes but since i got the art of selling fitness also close 9 out of 10 clients I’m making more money in less time, I highly recommend Bedros materials for all fitness trainers. I’m about to invest in the next materials fitness boot camps i think will work well.

Thanks a lot for all your efforts in helping personal trainers like me, we didn’t know sells until now.

Clint Schambach

Hey Bedros, Just wanted to say thank you for the knowledge I just left the Big corporate gym a few weeks back and was absolutely awful at sales. I had no plan of attack with prospects and felt like I was a pushy car salesman and had no idea how to handle objections. I now have a plan of attack with everyone I meet with and I don’t have to worry about being pushy. I sell people what they want and not what they need-Thats what I was missing. I’ve doubled my income in one month of leaving the big gym and am now wondering why I was so scared of leaving.

Thanks for everything

Tamara Kosaba

If you are a personal trainer, Bedros Personal Trainer Course
is a must.

This course is jam packed with so many useful tactics to increase sales, improve your confidence and will teach you how to make yourself stand out from the crowd. I wish that I had this course ten years ago when I first started training! Do not think about it, just buy this product and put it into action. I guarantee this product will help you make more money, faster than any other course! As always thank you so much Bedros for all the quality products you deliver and for passing o

The PT business course provides a roadmap for the entry level personal trainer. This information Bedros provides will help virtually any new trainer learn the fundamentals of operating their own business.

- Tim ONeill

Listen, I’ve done a lot of things in my life and career but what I’m absolutely best at is helping, teaching and mentoring personal trainers and fitness pros just like you.

I’ve used my massive franchise, coaching workshop, mastermind programs, live events, training products, videos and books to help thousands of everyday fitness professionals gain an unstoppable edge over their competition and build hugely profitable training businesses…

I’ve coached and mentored trainers from 39 countries and shown them how to master the art of marketing and selling fitness– helping them attract and close more cash-paying, long-term clients…

And I’ve even worked with two of the fastest growing personal training companies EVER– helping them grow their combined revenues to over $50 Million a year each…

I think it’s about time YOU got in on this!


To help you succeed faster and get you access to my strategies, tips and secrets, I’ve compiled thorough and detailed step-by-step manuals plus 9 jam-packed disks full of videos, audio interviews, ready-to-use marketing materials, reports, postcards, YouTube marketing strategies, search engine optimization techniques, and multiple Facebook marketing tips and shortcuts that all work together to get you new clients each and every week.

Here’s the deal: when the “average” personal trainer tries to market himself he always ends up frustrated and burning tons of cash as he searches for more clients using all the wrong methods…

…but not all trainers do business like this.

There is a select group of fitness professionals (you know, the competition you always see with all the clients and money?) who have adopted my systems and mastered my proven fitness marketing strategies. That’s why they’ve been out-marketing, out-selling, and out-performing your business.

But finally, for the first time ever, you’re in a position where I can show you how they do it.

I think it’s time someone told you… Here’s the cold hard truth about why your business is struggling:

You’re a fitness expert– and I’ll bet you’re a damn good one.

But—and it’s not like you haven’t tried—but you just can’t seem to get enough clients to provide the income and lifestyle you want. (Believe me, I know how frustrating that can feel.)

I know as well as you that if you could just show people the value of your training they’d be hooked for life! But your problem is that you can’t get those people to come in and try you out. You can’t get the phone to ring, no matter how you try your email inbox won’t blow up— and walk-ins? Forget about it!

See, there’s nothing wrong with your training. The actual problem you’re facing is finding those people out there who are already primed and ready to buy from you.

You need messages and systems that…

  • get people to see you as the real solution to their problems before they even meet you
  • get your clients and circle of influence to start sending you referrals…consistently
  • create marketing campaigns that don’t leave you broke and discouraged every time
  • cut through all the crap and finally position you as THE local fitness expert, once and for all, so prospects will seek YOU out instead of you having to chase them down

Before, I only taught the most valuable client getting secrets to my top paying mentorship and mastermind clients because they pay $28,000+ a year to access my knowledge.


When I set out to create the PT Business Course I set the bar really high for myself. I was on one do-or-die mission: to create your Fitness Business Bible. This is by far the most thorough, detailed, and thought-out program for helping you create, manage, and profit from a fitness business.

Like I said, in the PT Business Course I teach you (step-by-step) over 40 of my most powerful client attraction systems, techniques, and strategies once only reserved for my exclusive coaching clients.

You’ll get the “what” and the “how” of creating killer marketing systems and campaigns that easily pull in clients with precision and consistency.

You’ll even get all kinds of marketing material that’s ready to use, right away. I’ve done all the heavy lifting for you so that all you have to do is swipe, send, and get more clients.

Best of all, 18 of the 42 marketing systems are considered no-cost and low-cost strategies— you’ll get all the clients you need without wasting tons of cash on dead-end marketing.

Here’s a brief overview of what you’ll get:

  • How to build a large and reliable email list that guarantees you always have all the
  • Learn how to market online, build a website, and actually get clients from social media
  • The social media marketing funnels that flood your boot camp or personal training business with new clients and new profits How to use cross marketing techniques to get rave reviews from fellow business owners and professionals
  • How to position yourself as the undisputed local fitness expert in 90 days or less.
  • How to condition your clients to consistently bring lots of referrals that grow your business
  • Three fatal marketing mistakes almost every personal trainer makes– and how to fix them
  • How to attract serious buyers and avoid tire kickers so that all your prospects are ready to buy
  • How to market and sell fitness on Facebook so that your business is constantly growing

In addition to all that I’m going to hand over 42 ready-to-use marketing campaigns, tested and proven to get conversions over and over again.

  • 4 ready-to-model Facebook squeeze pages
  • 5 proven Facebook ads that get clients
  • 4 ready-to-use lead generation postcards
  • 6 ready-to-use print ads and lead generators
  • 2 ready-to-use, three day sequential email campaigns (both have generated over $7,000 in three days for many of my coaching clients)
  • 2 ready-to-use referral generation emails
  • 3 ready-to-use email campaigns that will flood your boot camp or studio with boatloads of new clients from Facebook and from your email list.

Picture this…

Imagine you have a referral based marketing system so powerful that your clients, their doctors, and their circle of influence alone send you more ready-to-sell prospects than you can handle!

Imagine waking up and checking your email to find 10, 15, or 20 new clients – all generated from your Facebook funnel.

Imagine the profits you’ll generate with a reliable marketing system proven to repeatedly capture new lead, prospects, and clients.

Imagine what it would mean to you to increase your selling ability by 300% to 500% – while easily overcoming buyer objections that always used to stump you.

Imagine you’re giving a sales consultation so powerful that your prospect instantly feels an overwhelming sense of urgency and desire to join your program.

Imagine you’ve increased your client retention rate by 1,650% and know that you have month after month of growing, predictable income already scheduled to transfer straight into your account.

Here’s the deal: I’ll send you the best information you can get anywhere for increasing the number of clients and income that you generate, because I have created the fitness business program that has literally made tens of MILLIONS of dollars for some of the biggest names in the industry

  • How to finally understand Facebook’s complicated marketing features and master social media marketing strategies.
  • How to create instant credibility and position yourself over your competition.
  • Effectively structure your price plans to create more sales.
  • How to get any prospect to call for more information.
  • How to increase the number of times a client buys from you.
  • How to create additional backend sales.
  • The 5 words to say to uncover a buyer’s REAL objection.
  • How to overcome buyer resistance by following 3 easy steps.
  • The 7 steps of the sales process that you MUST follow in order to close a deal.
  • The 31 words to use that automatically increase your sales success.
  • The 24 words that WILL absolutely KILL a sales presentation.
  • How to craft a sales letter that pulls clients like magic.
  • Do away with billing and back-office problems forever.

Further, I’ll Reveal Secrets That Teach You How To:

  • Structure a win/win pay plan for your personal training staff that will lead to more income for the entire team.
  • NEVER have to ask a client for payment again.
  • Purchase ‘almost new’ equipment for 70% below retail.
  • Successfully apply the recurring payment model to your business.
  • Create a fitness website that markets, sells and earns cash while you sleep.


Normally, when trainers want to learn what I know, I charge $28,000 for a mastermind membership or $12,000 a day for private consulting day. And that’s nothing compared to the value and increased profit they receive from my training.

And I know that $28,000 makes me out of reach for many everyday personal trainers still trying to reach their first $100K – $250K. But I find that extremely unfortunate because you could utterly transform your business with these tips, lessons and secrets.

It’s foolish for me to keep this from you. I mean, heck, it’s borderline unethical for me to keep these secrets hostage and not allow you to access these incredibly powerful tools. That’s why I’m letting my entire course go for $597.00.

That’s a fraction of what I usually charge for this information. Heck… the first two clients you get from using my system will more than pay for this entire thing.


Don’t worry though, there’s something in it for me as well…

You’re probably wondering why I’d give away a truckload of my best fitness marketing gems and business systems for so little considering I charge $28,000 for my mastermind coaching programs. 

It’s actually all part of my evil scheme… See, once you get your hands on the benefits this course provides I know you’ll come back to me again and again for all your fitness business needs. So I figure the more I can help you get more clients and make more money, the more you and I can do business together!

It’s a win-win for both of us. You build your fitness income exponentially and then I get your continued business.


Just bear with me here because I want to show you everything you’re going to get when you scroll down to the bottom of this page and click that Buy Now Button.

With Your Permission, I’m Going To Send You All of the Following:


Exclusive Access to the Art of Selling Fitness Secret Video Vault

This online vault of incredibly valuable videos is stocked with a massive wealth of resources all designed to help you market and operate a more efficient, more profitable business.

These videos contain my most exclusive and powerful marketing secrets but I’m willing to grant you access because that’s how dedicated I am to your success.

You’re also going to find invaluable guides to marketing and advertising on Facebook.

If you’ve ever been confused about how you can make money and get clients from Facebook then I’ve got some good news for you: my buddy and marketing master, Josh Carter, has 3 hours of video content that explain everything you need to know about marketing on Facebook.

These secrets alone are worth 5 times the price of this entire package! (And no, I’m not exaggerating, that’s how much money you’re going to make off this information.)

This is where you’re going to learn how the top trainers use simple marketing methods to get tons of new clients and sales. It’s where you’re going to learn the newest and most cutting-edge business operations systems that maximize your profits. And this private Video Vault is also where you’ll discover the secrets to staying motivated to dominate your competition and GSD.

In the Video Vault section you'll find:

  • Getting Leads from Facebook
  • Getting Clients from Facebook
  • Advanced Facebook Marketing How-To
  • The Best Facebook Funnel
  • Fitness Marketing Basics
  • Why Your Fitness Marketing isn’t Working
  • Boot Camps vs. One-on-One Training
  • The Mindset of Success
  • The $151K Body Transformation Challenge
  • Low/No Cost Marketing that Actually Works
  • How to Get Clients from Email Marketing
  • Marketing to the Affluent
  • Get them to Pay, Stay and Refer
  • The Immigrant Edge
  • How to GSD
  • Personal Training Sales System
  • Competition is Unhealthy, Domination is Immunity
  • Become the Local Fitness Expert in Your Area
  • Lead Generation, Sales and Closing
  • Finding, Selling, and Closing New Clients
  • Staying Motivated and Never Quitting
  • The Client Feeder Program
  • The Secret Marketing Mindset Exercise
  • List Building Tactics 2.0
  • Lead Box Marketing Autopsy
  • The Keuilian Method
  • The Power of Leverage
  • Grass Roots Marketing
  • The Suspect, Prospect, Client System
  • Ninja Email Marketing Tactics
  • How to Dominate and Build Front Of Mind Awareness
  • Plastic Referral Card Secrets
  • Facebook Lead Generation Secrets
  • Squeeze Page Secrets
  • Awesome Websites vs Crappy Websites
  • Direct Mail – The Wrong and Right Way
  • The Foot Soldier Method
  • Ultimate Killer Website Conversion Tip
  • How To Make Things Happen
  • Drive Targeted Traffic to your Website with Facebook Ads
  • Increasing Website Conversion with Video
  • How To Hire Trainers and Get Them to Pay You
  • How to Do a SUPER Grocery Store Tour
Dan Jett

I bought my first gym 22 years ago and have owned 3 large ones for 12 years, think I would have tons of money and happiness? Nope, always just got by. I sold all my clubs and opened a boxing studio, went back to my roots. I made it into a 6 figure club pretty quick, but still never saw the light at the end of the tunnel. I was working like a dog booked from 530am-1230pm then back at 330pm-830pm, most days of the week. Then I clicked on what I now know as Bedros’s facebook domination and checked out his stuff. Blew my mind after 22 years in the business I thought I knew everything, boy was I wrong. I first got his system 9 product and increased the revenue my club makes by 50k per year in just 3 days!! Yes in 3 fricken days!! I have now gotten the marketing down to have a huge flow of new clients, but wanted to learn from the best how to sell them.

I bought The Art of Selling Fitness PT Business Course and am again blown away. Bedros breaks everything down into a simple step by step process of closing new clients. Ive picked up new ideas im getting to launch, one that will make me tons of money and create more freedom in my life is the quikfit program. I’ve heard that Bedros’s programs and coaching has made many 7 figure gyms, I swear I will be one of them.

Danielle D

Your PT Business Course is amazing! I’ve recently started listen to your Sales CD, every morning before I go to work. I ordered it a while ago, but I will admit the book and CD was collecting dust. Now that I’m working in a corporate facility, some of your techniques I cannot use, but I get pretty damn close.

I think the PT Business Course is a must, especially for the novice personal trainer. I’ve been able to leave a lasting impression on my clients because I think outside the box by delivering red carpet customer service, offering gift cards, providing value-added consultations by educating members through ‘test drive’ workouts, personalized text messages and calls to clients, creating the feeling of exclusivity with my group clients, providing informative email marketing content.

I could go on and on. I’ve been at this facility for about a month, I don’t know my closing ratio yet, but I do know I’m more excited (less intimidated) about the opportunity to set, sell and show.

Mike Gelfgot

Hey Bedros! How are you? This is Mike from Anytime Fitness IN. We did some sales training in California at the Business Summit. By the way, I highly appreciate that. I wanted to shoot you an email to let you know that over the last 22 intros I’ve taken, I was able to close 20 of them.

That makes it over $30,000 in invoice and about $6500 in cash. I read your PT Business Course, studied my notes and became more persistent and consistent. It was by far the best fitness investment I’ve made. Anyways, I will see you at Business Summit 2008 and will talk to you soon.

Nick Holtzman

I just want to thank you Bedros for the phenomenal advice and help you have given me. I am 100% confident that my dreams of becoming a SIX-FIGURE INCOME FITNESS PROFESSIONAL will become a reality thanks to the plan found in your PT business course.

I encourage ALL fitness professionals to not only invest in your Business Course, but to put EVERY tip to use. I guarantee you will not be dissapointed!

Andrew Stearns

Just to give you another update – only three weeks into January and I’ve already increased my yearly income by $99,528 and I have another consultation set for tomorrow. That personal training income is made by only working 14 hours/week. Let say that I close my potential client tomorrow, that would be $114,452 of additional guaranteed 09′ income from one 2012-piece direct mailing, which cost me around $1,545 in total. I remember reading 100,000 Dollar Sales Letter books and saying to myself, “How can that be true?” Now I know!

There’s not that many people I know, right now, working in an industry who can decide to give themselves a $100k raise within three weeks and go to work each day wearing running pants, sneakers, continue to be themselves, and truly love what it is they do for a living. In fact the only other people who can do that are a couple of my clients (minus the running pants and sneakers) and the industry insiders you have introduced me to. The funny thing is that

I am actually holding myself back (financially) by earning 230k+ this year because you have showed me that it’s just the tip of financial fitness iceberg, and that there are so many more people to help and potential clients to reach through a number of means. I can’t wait for the next twelve months to unfold!

Listen, I’m in a position here to help you immensely and offer you something that no one else can… I’m about to hand you the guide to creating your own financially secure, competition proof, personal training business– just like I have done over and over again for thousands of other fitness professionals.

You get everything I’ve listed above for a small investment of only $597. To order simply click the Buy Now button below and you will be taken to a secure page where you can get your copy of the Personal Trainer Business Course that has helped thousands transform their lives and businesses.


Invest in my program, use the strategies and techniques that I teach you, and if you don’t make the profits I’ve promised you then simply call my office at the number below and I will issue you a FULL refund. And I’ll even have FedEx come by and pick up the course from you on my dime. Fair enough?


Order Your Personal
Trainer Business Course

Whether you’re an independent trainer, boot camp or studio owner, or you just want to get out of the health club scene, this is the program that will help you build the business and the systems that bring in huge profits.

It doesn’t matter if you’re completely new to the industry or a seasoned pro– this is the program that will enable you to break past the barriers and limitations that have been holding you back all this time. So don’t wait another minute, Order Your Course Right Now.

Committed To Your Success,

Bedros Keuilian
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